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Excellent Wines

In our over ten years of existence we have the featured hundreds of wines from suppliers big and small each event we choose a different supplier so you never have to taste the same wine twice.

The wine and cheese even at the OCT last saturday was excellent; very well organised, and reasonably priced. Please put my wife and I down for the next event on the 11th April. - Dr Anthony Beck, BVetMed, MRCVS 

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English speakers from every country come to mix and mingle at our event. If you are new Shenzhen or have been here many years this is the place to meet people.

Socializing and Networking

Thank you all for the absolutely professional organization of Saturdays WIne & Cheese event at the Bay Breeze Bar. I enjoyed it and had a nice relaxing evening. I am looking forward to Mays event. - Rainer Ganser 

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Every event has a wide variety of cheeses to choose from but that is not all the five star hotels show case their best canapés and other dishes throughout the night. 

Savory Food

I can't believe I've been here 6 months now and just now found out about it. It was really well run and you can expect me to be at the next one.  - Grant Curry 

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